St. Magdalener classico


multifacedet | full-bodied | elegant



St. Magdalener in a nutshell. THE PFANNENSTIEL satisfies with finely spiced aromas and has long been considered by connoisseurs and wine-lovers as the ambassador of the St. Magdalener. Through its high degree of maturity, this special wine unfolds its multifaceted, powerful character, its fullness and elegance – and ends with a thrilling echo. A perfect accompaniment both to highly flavoured dishes and light, Mediterranean food.


The Vernatsch grapes grow in mixed cultivation with approx. 5% Lagrein  in moraine deposit soils consisting of quartz porphyry and dolomite and are fermented in stainless steel tanks. Following malolactic fermentation, the wine matures for more than 4 year in stainless steel tanks and then for several months in the bottle.



“Yet again a masterpiece from the Pfeifer family.”

Christine Mayr, Dionysos December 2020



PFANNENSTIELWEG 9 · I-39100 BOZEN · SÜDTIROL · T +39 0471 970884 ·

VIA PFANNENSTIEL, 9 · I-39100 BOLZANO · ALTO ADIGE · T +39 0471 970884 ·


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