St. Magdalener classico


floral | aromatic | finely balanced 




An homage to the daughters of the family, ANNa and VERonika and successful proof of the fact that the St. Magdalener has sophistication, longevity and potential. The ANNVER is a traditional, yet modern accompaniment to both Alpine and Mediterranean dishes that delights with its complexity and fine spiciness. A full-bodied, well-balanced wine with a soft, long finish.


The Vernatsch grapes grow in mixed cultivation with approx. 5% Lagrein in moraine deposit soils consisting of quartz porphyry and dolomite and are fermented in stainless steel tanks. Following malolactic fermentation, the wine matures for around 18 months in stainless steel tanks then for six months in the bottle.



“ANNVER is of the kind of quality that ten years ago would not have been believed possible of a Vernatsch grape.”

Jens Priewe, 2021



PFANNENSTIELWEG 9 · I-39100 BOZEN · SÜDTIROL · T +39 0471 970884 ·

VIA PFANNENSTIEL, 9 · I-39100 BOLZANO · ALTO ADIGE · T +39 0471 970884 ·


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