Most of our vineyards are located around the Pfannenstielhof, on the eastern margins of the Bolzano valley bowl.

The Santa Maddalena is cultivated in the classic area of the same name above the farm, on soils composed of moraine detritus of porphyry and dolomite, very airy and well placed to gather heat. The grapes that are pressed into the Lagrein “vom Boden” and Lagrein “Riserva” wines on the other hand ripen on a deep-lying, warm and very airy deposit of sand and gravel near the Eisack River.

We are particularly bound to the soil on which our vines grow and wish to gain the very best from it. We believe that it is our duty to gather the uniqueness of the land and manifest this in wines that are typical of the qualities of their location and variety, marked with authenticity and individual character.


Ausblick von unserer Panorama-Terrasse
Ausblick von unserer Panorama-Terrasse


PFANNENSTIELWEG 9 · I-39100 BOZEN · SÜDTIROL · T +39 0471 970884 · info@pfannenstielhof.it

VIA PFANNENSTIEL, 9 · I-39100 BOLZANO · ALTO ADIGE · T +39 0471 970884 · info@pfannenstielhof.it


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