Santa Maddalena classic

fresh, fruity, agreeable, convivial, attractive, light on the palate



The Santa Maddalena ripens in the classic cultivation area of the same name, on soils composed of moraine detritus of porphyry and dolomite, very airy and well placed to gather heat.

Our Schiava (Vernatsch) grapes traditionally grow on the “pergola” training system with some 5% of Lagrein planted in the vineyard. Both are then harvested and fermented together.
At the end of the harvest, the grapes are carefully trimmed and the juice is fermented for approximately 10 days at a controlled temperature in steel barrels. After the malolactic fermentation, the wine is aged in steel tanks.


An attractive wine with plenty of charm

The Pfannenstielhof’s Santa Maddalena is a fresh, fruity, agreeable and particularly light wine, yet at the same time complex, intense, with a full and slightly aromatic taste. We value the Santa Maddalena as a wine rich in tradition and as a local speciality, as well as an easy companion to any meal.
We also love it because it perfectly reflects our landscape and our local lifestyle: that is why we reserve a place of honour for it in our daily lives.

The Pfannenstielhof’s Santa Maddalena Classic 2009 was the first Schiava (Vernatsch) wine to receive the prestigious “Three Glasses”
award from the Gambero Rosso wine guide.



Premio Qualità/Prezzo, Gambero Rosso, Berebene

2 bicchieri rossi, Gambero Rosso

93 punti e Qualità/Prezzo, DoctorWine Daniele Cernilli

92 punti, Falstaff

88+ Robert Parker


95 points, "Faccino" DoctorWine

4 Viti, guide Vitae

92 points,  Falstaff

88 points, Robert Parker

2 bicchieri rossi, Gambero Rosso


"Dolomiten"-Schiava dell'anno

Schiava dell'anno, Trofeo Schiava

4 Viti, guide Vitae

Falstaff 91 points

Robert Parker 88+ points

2 bicchieri rossi, Gambero Rosso

3 bicchieri Gambero Rosso
Schiava dell'anno, Trofeo Schiava
 2013 Schiava dell'anno, Trofeo Schiava
2 bicchieri rossi, Gambero Rosso
Vino quotidiano, SlowWine
 2012 Vino quotidiano, SlowWine   
 2011 Vino della corona, Vinibuoni d'Italia
 2010 2 bicchieri rossi, Gambero Rosso
 2009 3 bicchieri Gambero Rosso
il primo vino a base di Schiava a ricevere i Tre Bicchieri Gambero Rosso

Schiava dell'anno, Trofeo Schiava

2 bicchieri rossi, Gambero Rosso

 2006 2 bicchieri rossi, Gambero Rosso
        2004          Schiava dell'anno, Trofeo Schiava


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