Pinot Nero

refined, elegant, balanced, complex, intense, delicate and exciting





The Pinot Nero vines, planted using wire frameworks in 1999, grow at Pianizza (Caldaro) on sandy-gravel soil on a west-facing slope at an altitude of 550 metres.
At the end of the harvest, the grapes are carefully trimmed and the juice is fermented at a controlled temperature. Delicate punching allows the fermenting must to contact the juice, ensuring that the wine is rich in extracts, pigments and aromatic elements.
After the malolactic fermentation, the Pinot Nero ages for 12 months in small, previously used oaken barrels.



Elegance and finesse combined
The Pinot Nero variety is highly sensitive, both during cultivation in the vineyard and during refining in the wine cellar and therefore demands considerable commitment and experience, which it rewards with elegant wines of noble aromas. The Pfannenstielhof’s Pinot Nero is a highly structured red wine with an intense aroma of dark red berries; it has delicate, elegant tannins on the palate and a fascinating balance, elegance and refinement.
We value the Pinot Nero because it is distinguished by its character: simultaneously refined and elegant, delicate and strong, fruity yet aromatic – in short, an exciting wine.





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