Lagrein vom Boden

strong, smooth, delicate, velvety, full-bodied and rounded





The designation “vom Boden” (from the soil) expresses our recognition of the warm and deep soil composed of sand and gravel, deposited by the Eisack River: the result is that the Lagrein from the Pfannenstielhof is velvety, smooth and light on the palate.
The Lagrein vom Boden grows on the “pergola” training system on the valley floor around Bolzano.

At the end of the harvest, the grapes are carefully trimmed and the juice is fermented for approximately 11 days at a controlled temperature. After the malolactic fermentation, the wine is aged in medium-sized wooden barrels.



Lagrein vom Boden: it is all in the name

The Lagrein vom Boden manifests the special character of the soil. It is a velvety wine, fruity, rounded, strong and smooth at the same time, with refinement and elegance, structure and body.
We value it because it is a faithful messenger of the terroir that essentially determines its character.



4 Stars Vini Buoni d'Italia

93 Points Luca Maroni

91 Points Falstaff

91 Points Gault&Millau

The WineHunter Award Rosso

3 viti, Vitae


The WineHUnter Award Rosso

92 Points Luca Maroni

90 Points Falstaff

3 stelle Vini Buoni d'Italia


90 punti, Falstaff

89 punti, Robert Parker

3 viti, Vitae

Finalista Tasting Lagrein Award


Golden Star, Vini Buoni d'Italia

WineHunter rosso, MeranoWine Award

Oggi le corone le decido io, Vini buoni d'Italia

88 Punkte, Falstaff


88 Punkte, Falstaff


MeranoWine Award

 2013 2 Gläser, Gambero Rosso  
 2011 2 Gläser, Gambero Rosso

2 rote Gläser, Gambero Rosso

**, Merum


PFANNENSTIELWEG 9 · I-39100 BOZEN · SÜDTIROL · T +39 0471 970884 ·

VIA PFANNENSTIEL, 9 · I-39100 BOLZANO · ALTO ADIGE · T +39 0471 970884 ·


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