Art on the farm

The window on the vineyard


“The window on the vineyard” is a figure cast in bronze with a frame of stainless steel and grapes of Corten steel created by the Val Gardena artist Filip Moroder Doss (a winner of national and international competitions), given by Margareth to her husband Hannes Pfeifer on his 50th birthday.
This sculpture represents the beauty and richness of nature: the grapes on the body and in the hair symbolise its extraordinary ability to grow and ripen.
The position of the woman invites us to look through the window onto the vineyard in order to comprehend the grandiosity of Mother Nature.
In 1975, on the occasion of the 50th birthday of Eduard Pfeifer (father of Hannes Pfeifer), the artist’s father, Val Gardena sculptor Heinrich Moroder Doss, carved onto a wooden barrel the portraits of the three generations (Eduard senior, Eduard and Johannes) who were present at the Pfannenstielhof as well as the farm itself.


Silent women


The work “silent women” was a gift from Hannes to his wife Margareth on her fiftieth birthday; it was created by sculptor Alfons Runggaldier from Ortisei/Val Gardena and inspired by the forms of nature.


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